War for the Planet of the Apes

“War for the Planet of the Apes” is the film of Chernin full movie had to do to sign up for a spectacular success was to get humans out of the equation. This is what has brought this whole trilogy to present the rise, birth and now the war of this flourishing civilization of apes and humans fighting desperate, and sometimes dishonorably, for their survival.

War for the Planet of the Apes

War for the Planet of the Apes

War for the Planet of the Apes Full Movie

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Release Date: July 14, 2017
Rating: 8.9

War for the Planet of the Apes” is a fascinating and surprisingly moving epic that is a step above the junk-heavy super-productions that inhabit the United States multiplex.

It’s as if director Matt Reeves, scriptwriter Mark Bomback and production actually took care and analyzed what they were doing with their characters. Reeves does not waste time to start the action with an exciting opening battle. We enter this world through the eyes of some terrified intruders.

A group of human soldiers walk through the forest in search of Caesar (Andy Serkis). They do not know if he’s still alive, but their leader is determined to exterminate the apes. Caesar and his followers have been operating from a secret hiding place in the forest, a beautiful little Eden hidden behind a huge waterfall.

When the soldiers find them, the apes counterattack quickly and effectively and eliminate almost all combatants. Caesar forgives the life of the few survivors to send their leader the message that apes are not wild and just want to live in peace without contact with humans.

Of course the message inspires exactly the opposite reaction and the beautiful and distressing and almost silent night incursion that comes soon after leaves the apes with no choice but to leave their homes and go out in search of a safe place. Caesar, however, decides that he must go alone and avenge his community by destroying the Colonel (Woody Harrelson), a demented despot who truly is one of the best villains that have been seen on screen in a long time.

A few Caesar comrades follow him on their journey to meet the Colonel. Along the way, they pick up a dumb little girl (Amiah Miller) and an adorable little crazy zoo monkey (whose voice makes Steve Zahn) that offers the same kind of graceful energy of Yoda in Dagobah (without all of that strength and Training of Jedi). When they reach the base of the Colonel, they find a situation much more daunting and complicated than they anticipated.

To say more about the plot would probably be a mistake and part of the wonder of Bomback’s script is how, even when it follows a fairly standard exodus story, it manages to surprise and captivate the viewer with minimal dialogue.

At times “War for the Planet of the Apes” feels essentially like a silent movie, with the girl who does not speak and most of the apes communicating with sign language.

Caesar also remains a fascinating and truly complex character who is very well conceived and executed. Harrelson, for his part, is a menacing delight in his role, which has more layers than might at first appear.

“War for the Planet of the Apes” should be a satisfactory conclusion for the series, but that is to assume innocently that franchises can have intentional endings. Regardless of what happens next with “Planet of the Apes,” this delivery simply makes us spend a fabulous time in the movies.

“20th Century Fox’s” War for the Planet of the Apes, “has a PG-13 rating (some scenes may be inappropriate for children under 13) in the United States for” violent sci-fi action sequences, thematic elements , And some disturbing images. “

The premiere of 20th Century Fox’s “War for the Planet of the Apes,” which is set to air today, faces the challenge of matching the achievements of “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” one of the best films Of 2015 and the best film of that summer, that then had arrived like the sequel of an average film.

Now, director Matt Reeves, his production team and a cast headed by Andy Serkis do not disappoint with a film that expands the emotional ladder of the previous offer.

Although on this occasion, the script of the film has traced a much more conventional, and sometimes predictable, day for Caesar, the ape that started this saga as a pet and is now the leader and savior of its species; Reeves has re-built the kind of film that is a poetic and precious meditation on human nature while serving as large-scale summer entertainment. The director, his cast and production team make that particular hybrid look like it does not require much effort, which is denied by all the films that crush their plot by a display of special effects.

“War for the Planet of the Apes” probably does not have a single frame that does not have a digital effect, but in this film this is a resource to maximize the emotional impact of the story.

In one of his most shocking moments, Reeves presents the violent triumph of an army of humans who seconds later has to deal with a surprise turn of a cruel nature that does not forgive.

Any director would focus on highlighting the scale of this moment and the amount of money invested in it. Reeves alludes to this, but focuses on highlighting how fragile and rampant the human ego is and how tragic it is to be trapped in a cycle of violence where there is no chance for true triumph.

As impressive as it turns out that this director has managed to convert a movie from a commercial franchise into a vehicle for artistic expression, it is appropriate to point out that many of the things expressed in this film are not particularly new. This and the conservative tendencies of the script contribute to that the film does not have the surprise factor of the previous film.

It is important to emphasize that not because the film has the word war in its title means that the war sequences dominate every second of the production. “War for the Planet of the Apes” is a film about the price that is paid when the war appears to be the only option.

For Caesar – interpreted by Andy Serkis who once again renders an amazing performance in its dramatic complexity – the price of war becomes a personal tragedy that leads him to seek revenge. This impulsive act leaves its community of apes vulnerable to the dementia of the colonel, played by Woody Harrelson. This is an antagonist who is willing to do anything so that humans do not lose their power in the chain of evolution of the planet. Despite being minimized to comic relief in his most recent films, Harrelson here re-channels the malevolent energy of “Natural Born Killers” along with the dramatic intensity of his role in “The People vs. Larry Flynt.”

Once again, the star of this film is the magical fusion between the actors’ work and the digital filters created by WETA special effects supervisors, the special effects house that has been transforming Serkis on the screen ever since Peter Jackson selected him as Gollum in “Lord of the Rings”. In this tape, the director and his team reaffirm that this is much more than a digital trick.

This is the third production that the public has emotionally attached to these characters and in this particular story the havoc is just as visceral as a drama that was presenting a real life story.

That kind of emotional integrity is honored with one of the most satisfying endings of a trilogy in a long time that at the same time honors all the events of the previous films that led to this new stage of the franchise.

London. The English actor Andy Serkis gets back into the skin of the ape César in War for the Planet of the Apes, the new delivery of the famous saga that, according to assured the interpreter, is “a metaphor on the human that is still alive”.

It was almost 40 years ago that the first film about the intelligent monkeys that owned the Earth was released and after nine films (between remakes, prequels and sequels), the story continues to be interesting, according to Serkis, because ” The human condition. “

“Monkeys and humans share 97% of the genes, so looking through them is a good way to analyze ourselves,” said the actor, 53, in an interview with EFE.

In the film, directed by Matt Reeves and released today in Puerto Rico, César and his entourage are forced to fight in a deadly war with the humans left in the world, led by the ruthless Colonel J. Wesley McCullough, who Of Woody Harrelson’s life.

This is the third installment of the prequel that began in 2011, which tells how the apes were made with the earth before the 1968 film The Planet of the Apes, which is based on the novel of the same name French Pierre Boulle.

“I feel very privileged to participate in a movie like this, which is a blockbuster, but at the same time has a heart and transmits emotions,” said Serkis, who encouraged the audience to go to see her because “in addition to entertaining, not afraid Of saying things about the human condition very honestly. “

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